Rodeo N


Weeks 1 & 2:

-We sleep beside the whelping box to make sure every puppy nurses through the night and the bigger ones don’t bump out the smaller ones.
-We perform Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises daily on each puppy. This improves heart health and helps stimulate neural development. These benefits last a lifetime.

Week 3

-As the puppies start to walk, we provide them with a customized learning environment using objects of different sounds, tastes, and textures. Our goal is to expose them daily to new sights, sounds and smells as we can.
-They start on solid food which means introduce them to our diet program

Week 4-10

– The puppies are challenged with puzzles and problem-solving exercises as well as introducing them to the other dogs in our family.
– We continue to expose them to every kind of sound or sensation we can think of, including bird wings.
– They spend more and more time outdoors exploring sand, grass, and water.
– Crate training, collar training and leash training is well underway.

–Our new families are told which puppy they are getting.

Week 7

-Puppies are assessed for structure by an independent breeder

– We welcome a variety of visitors who have beards, hats, glasses and deep voices! We also encourage visits from young children.

Week 8

-Puppies not in their fear period are temperament tested using several testing strategies including Volhardt.

– Families come by to sign our contract, complete the AKC/ASDR Registration and get to take their baby home!

Week 10 onward

– Rodeo N Pups provides 24×7 support for our families on an ongoing basis. We provide training sessions, boarding as well as health and wellness updates.

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